The Hopkins™ Tone Ring

This new tone ring is very close in formula and size to my 1934 Flat-Head Granada.  I use a slightly different angle on the inside under the head than found on most pre-war tone rings.  I believe this gives the ring more power for stage work while retaining the traditional pre-war tone.

Each ring is machine finished in Shelbyville, Tennessee by Lee Nease, an expert machinist and banjo picker.  Lee and I both doubly check each ring for both size and weight, before approving it for sale.  Thank you for considering my new tone ring.

Paul Hopkins


The Hopkins™ tone ring is available as a separate ring and is particularly suited for use on the
Tony Pass Lost Timbre submerged wood rims.

It is also quite well suited for use as a replacement tone ring in modern bluegrass banjos with standard tone rings.


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